CLARIAH-EUS is an initiative to promote the use of Basque for research in the humanities and social sciences (and beyond) through participation in the European research infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH. These research infrastructures offer resources and support for research in Europe and, following in their footsteps, CLARIAH-EUS intends to provide similar services for Basque. For this purpose, centers of reference in Basque-language research will form the CLARIAH-EUS consortium, which will launch CLARIAH-EUS and work to integrate it into CLARIN and DARIAH.

The CLARIAH-EUS consortium’s ultimate goals are to support the inclusion of Basque into CLARIN and DARIAH, ensure that it possesses a growing presence in these, contribute to the advancement of research in the humanities and social sciences, and open the door to greater participation in international projects and programs, especially within the European Research Area.

To establish a strong CLARIAH-EUS infrastructure, it is essential to weave a tight-knit network that ensures the involvement of institutions and administrations. On the one hand, the consortium’s institutions and individuals will be able to offer resources to the research community through CLARIAH-EUS. This socialization of resources will boost Basque-language research and enable collaboration. On the other, a solid CLARIAH-EUS infrastructure will demonstrate clear advantages for Basque-language and humanities research; it will quicken the availability of resources for research and provide opportunities to utilize the work of specialists. Moreover, its eventual role as a central hub within the local research community will command attention from the public institutions and administrations that are essential for its internationalization.

Supporters of the initiative::