“Designing the CLARIAH-EUS Infrastructure to Develop Basque Language Technology for the Humanities and Social Sciences” was held on November 26, 2021. Its purpose was to present the CLARIAH-EUS project and to bring together interested parties.

The workshop had three main objectives:
1. To present a selection of posters and use cases of digital projects that have been developed for anyone interested in researching Basque and in Basque.
2. To compile a list of necessary strategic resources in different disciplines for researching Basque.

3. To encourage the involvement of researchers in the CLARIAH-EUS research infrastructure.

Workshop Program:

  • 9.00 Introduction:

  Xabier Arregi (Ixa taldea-HiTZ Center, UPV/EHU)

   Junkal Gutiérrez (Vice-Rector for Basque, Culture and Internationalization, UPV/EHU)


  • 9.20 Keynote Speaker:

   Paul Spence (King’s College London)


  • 10.00 Presentation of Research Infrastructure Interoperability and HaMABI Principles:

   Mikel Iruskieta and Ainara Estarrona (HiTZ-EHU)


  • 11.00 Coffee Break
  • 11.30 Discussion Groups by Discipline
  • 13.00 General Group Discussion
  • 13.30 Short Poster Presentations
  • 14.30 Closing Session