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EU states that officially participate in CLARIN and/or DARIAH
Source: https://www.clariah.de/

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The undersigned researchers, research groups, research centers, universities and organizations wish to express the following:
  • We need digital research infrastructures in order to carry out the computational treatment of textual, spoken, numerical and visual data for humanities and social sciences research;
  • These infrastructures promote interoperability between tools and resources. In addition, they sustain the reuse of resources, open science and research visibility, multilingualism, and scientific networking between researchers and research centers in Europe. In this way, they not only contribute to maintaining resources, but also and to reducing the fragmentation of research, thereby increasing its impact;
  • Established research infrastructures of this type already exist in Europe, including CLARIN (a research infrastructure that uses language-related data) and DARIAH (a research infrastructure for Digital Humanities);
  • Unlike many European languages, Basque does not have the means to create resources within these infrastructures, nor to adapt existing ones to Basque. Despite the fact that basic applications have been developed by different research groups, the ability to use Basque within the infrastructures is extremely limited. As a result, research on and in Basque remains excluded from them and tools designed by Basque-speaking researchers cannot be adapted or reused within them;
  • We wish to make our language and culture accessible to researchers at the European level because, from a technological point of view, there are many tools already available for conducting research in Basque;
  • This research infrastructure will not only open up opportunities to participate in European research, but will also have a significant impact on Digital Humanities, helping to establish it as an interdisciplinary field.

For these reasons, we ask our institutions to support and promote this initiative and to establish immediate contact with the institutions that can enable our participation. Because, similar to many other European languages that are part of the CLARIN and DARIAH research infrastructures, the involvement and commitment of our institutions is essential in paving a road for Basque to have its own strategic research infrastructure. In this way, it will be possible to create and disseminate the resources for Basque that are necessary to sustain research in the humanities and social sciences.